The Labspec Quality Management system is based upon the eight basic principles listed below.

·        Customer focus – We have learned to listen BETTER to our CUSTOMERS; understanding current and future needs while striving to exceed their expectations.

·        Provide leadership – We have created a management environment that establishes and meets our measurable objectives.

·        Involvement of people – We involve our people in cross training to develop and use their abilities at all levels for the organization’s benefit.

·        Process approach – We have redefined a number of our processes to improve the management of all activities.

·        Systems approach to management – We continue to update our operating systems which allows our  organization to be more effective.

·        Continuous Improvement – We have made this the BACKBONE of our Quality Management System by continuing to implement improved processes.

·        Factual approach to decision making – We have also learned to listen better to our internal customers and the importance of starting with good information to make good decisions.

·        Improve customer relationships – When we get our customers involved it becomes a WIN – WIN situation.

How we Build Quality?

Our Attitude

·        Quality is a result of a series of well-planned actions to achieve a specific objective.

·        We always put Customers First.

·        We focus in adding value to products and thereby continuously improving customer experiences in dealing with us.

·        We show utmost willingness in building good quality products by pushing our boundaries and upgrading our skill-sets,

·        Our business priority is to create new and relevant solutions for changing customer and market demands by our in-house Research and Development activities.

Raw Materials

·         We ensure that our partners employ highest quality Raw Materials such as Genetically Engineered (GE grade) enzymes, Zwitter Ionic Buffers, LR grade (highest purity) chemicals, etc. from the highest sources across the globe.

·         We ensure that our partners use high quality reagent grade water after a stringent 5-step purification process to manufacture our products.



·        Our partners design their own Biochemical Formulations.

·        Their  formulations have a very high conformity to international bodies such as IFCC, DGKC, SCE.



Production Environment

·         Controlled environment of manufacturing of specially designed biochemical formulations.

·         Our partners have particle-free zones, low humidity chambers, low total microbial count areas.

·        All instruments used for manufacturing are well calibrated to international traceability. We also perform regular disinfection of our warehouse.



Our set up Facility  

Our  set-up includes a robust warehouse with excellence logistics coordinations for imports, exports and local distribution.

International Airport.

·        Well connected by Air, Sea, Rail and Road for multiple modes for transport.

·        Entire facility certified by Food and Drug Administration.

·        State of the art  warehouse facility of 25,000 sq.ft area

·        Entire facility certified by GMP and CLP.

·         Storage capacity of 2000 liters/day of liquid and 3 million tests/year.

·        Availability of Clean rooms, Particle-free zones. Class 10,000 storage areas.

·         All storage processes are done under controlled environment of humidity and temperature.

·        Availability of 2 separate and spacious cold rooms with area up to 500 sq.ft.

 Facility well equipped to run 4 separate storage lines at parallel with multiple checkpoints for minimum error.