Labspec Imports from Original Manufacturers

  • Our attitude and willingness is to import the best biochemical formulation, distribution processes and people, which in turn creates world-class products.
  • Most of our products from our partners are Researched and Developed by internal team of subject experts.
  • Our Partners have manufacturing experience of over 45 years and counting.
  • We understand Chemistry and Biochemistry subjects very well.
  • Our knowledge and our attitude is what makes us special.

Experience of our Team,Founders & Managing Director

Our team consists of many professionals to ensure we deliver high quality products to our customers. Our  management team consists of:

  • 3 Senior Medical Doctors
  • 4 Senior Research Scientists
  • More than 10 Medical laboratory technologists
  • 5 Biomedical engineers
  • 2 Microbiologists

A Genuine Gap

  • Kenya is one of the fastest growing economies in the world.
  • Importation activity in Kenya started long back in 1960s.
  • Yet, as of today only a handful of Importers of Quality medical & Biotechnology products are available.
  • Out of these, the science of designing & Importing biochemical formulations is limited to only a few.
  • In a country with such large population and skill-sets deserves more.