SolisFAST™ SolisGreen® qPCR Mix (ROX)

Fast and highly sensitive dye-based qPCR


For in vitro use only



SolisFAST® SolisGreen® qPCR Mix (ROX) is a 5x-concentrated ready-to-use solution optimized for fast, highly sensitive and reproducible dye-based qPCR assays. Combining novel in silico-designed SolisFAST® DNA Polymerase with fast oligo-based hot-start, optimized buffer and the SolisGreen® dye, this qPCR Mix offers robust qPCR, accurate target detection, ice free shipping and reaction set-up. 

The mix contains all components necessary, except primers, nuclease-free water, and DNA template.

The mix is compatible with qPCR cyclers that need ROX as a passive reference signal for normalization of the data.

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