The Inorganic phosphate is the fraction of clinical interest since its levels are closely tied to bone metabolism, renal function, vitamin D levels and parathyroid hormone status. Phosphorus can be estimated in serum / plasma using Phosphomolybdate method.


  • Method Specific To Phosphorus Inorganic
  • Liquid Stable Reagent With Long Shelf Life
  • Fast Result
  • High Linearity
  • Suitable for Fully Automated Chemistry Analyzer


MethodologyPhosphomolybdate- UV
Number Of ReagentsSingle Ready To Use
Sample Volume Required Per Test10 µL
Linearity20 mg/dL
Pack Sizes1X25ML
Kit componentsReagent bottles.
Standard vial
Kit insert.
Storage Temperature2-8 0C
Shelf life24 months
Kit dimensions1X25 ML – 85X105X45mm
2X50 ML – 85X105X45mm
Approx. weight of kit1 X25ML – 92 gms
2 X50 ML – 185 gms
Production Capacity600 mn ml per annum