We have developed strong relationships with some of the premier suppliers in the scientific arena. Many of our suppliers are leading the way in product innovation in the areas of Biotechnology, Research and clinical.

We value the close association we have with our Suppliers. Their expertise and invaluable support enable us to succeed in delivering excellence to our customers.

At Labspec, we continuously strive to bring our customers the best quality and innovative products and solutions. We achieve this through forming partnerships with manufacturer partners who specialise in market leading brands. Our success is attributed to the significant support from our suppliers and it is through these relationships that we relentlessly strive to extract value for our customers.

We possess a range of unique products that have absolutely no competition in the market.

Our Unique products have been taking the market by storm, with pathologists and Researchers  preferring our range over long-lasting tried and tested methods which speaks volumes about our quality. We have our partners all over the world ie ASIA, EUROPE AND USA.



Thermo Fisher Scientific


Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. is the world leader in serving science, manufacturing a wide range of analytical instrumentation, reagents and consumables. Their well known brands include Applied Biosystems, Gibco, Invitrogen and Ion Torrent.

Bellco Glass


An American manufacturer of instrumentation and glassware from New Jersey in the USA, Bellco offer a wide range of products from roller bottle incubators, roller bottle machines, shaking and rocking platforms and a range of glassware and spinner flasks.



Biologix Group Limited, an organisation based in the USA, was founded in 2000 by Dr. Winston Lee. Biologix specialises in the manufacture and supply of plastic laboratory consumables. This company was founded in the USA, with production facilities in mainland China.

Drummond Scientific


Drummond Scientific is a manufacturer of a wide range of microdispensers, microinjectors, micropipets, pipet controllers, and innovative liquid handling tools for the laboratory. Many of their product innovations set new standards for precision, safety, and ease of use.

LP Italiana


Founded in 1974, LP Italiana has always concentrated its efforts on the research and development of disposable products for the medical field, specifically clinical chemistry, haematology, serology, microbiology and bacteriology.



ARCTIKO is a manufacturer of high quality cold chain products, supplying a wide range of freezers, ultra-low temperature freezers, refrigerators, pharmaceutical grade refrigerators and freezers, biomedical refrigerators, racks and inventory systems and customised products.



Founded in Göttingen, Germany in 1985, Biometra develops, manufactures and markets innovative products for Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Laboratories. Core technologies include the development and production of Peltier driven Thermocyclers and advanced Electrophoresis Instruments.



Certoclav is a company with more than 40 years’ experience in the field of small Autoclaves.  Certoclav equipment has been proven worldwide in Research, Analysis and Quality Control laboratories, as well as in Universities and Industrial Microbiology laboratories.



Bio-Sciences and Eikonix have recently teamed up to supply the Irish market with high quality Gel Imaging Systems including innovative gel documentation and analysis systems for DNA gels, protein gels and western blots.

Hanna Instruments


Hanna Instruments provide a wide range of pH meters, thermometers, magnetic stirrers, conductivity meters and dissolved oxygen meters and it is their philosophy to supply practical and affordable solutions for their customers testing needs.



LEEC has nearly 60 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of laboratory incubators and a wide range of laboratory equipment. They remain a clear leader in the field of automated CO2 Cell Culture and Bacteriological Incubators.



Plas-Labs is the world leader in acrylic glove boxes, anaerobic chambers, nitrogen dry glove boxes, and HEPA filtered isolation glove boxes and their product line has been used in research laboratories all over the world.

Rodwell Scientific


Bio-Sciences has represented Rodwell Scientific Instruments exclusively over the last sixteen years and has seen many revolutionary changes to the Autoclave range over the years, culminating with the large capacity square chamber Sapphire Autoclave range

Molecular Research Centre (MRC)


MRC develop and manufacture innovative products for the isolation and analysis of RNA and DNA. It is a corporation “run by scientists for scientists” and they are continuously working on the development and improvement of molecular biology techniques



Challenging the paradigm at the bench, Invitrogen products are the simplest and fastest way to genomic preparation and engineering, delivering publishable results every day.



A most-trusted brand with proven cell culture expertise rooted in collaborative partnership, Gibco sets the standard for products, services, and support that empower scientists. Gibco stands for the highest quality sera, media and research products for over fifty years.

A champion of life sciences research for more than 30 years, IDT develops and manufactures nucleic acid products that support the life sciences industry in the areas of academic and commercial research, agriculture, medical diagnostics, and pharmaceutical development. We take pride in having the highest standards of quality, technical expertise, and personalized customer service.

IDT leads the industry in the manufacture of custom oligonucleotides for molecular biology applications. We’ve developed proprietary technologies for genomics applications, such as Next Generation Sequencing, CRISPR genome editing, qPCR, and RNA interference. Through our GMP services, we manufacture products used in diagnostic tests for many forms of cancer and most inherited and infectious diseases. We are continually improving IDT synthesis platforms, processing technology, and automation, as well as our rapid prototyping and custom reagent production.

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