LDL Cholesterol Direct

LDL particles regulate the cholesterol levels by uptaking and transport from peripheral tissues to liver. High LDL cholesterol are associated with coronary heart diseases. LDL cholesterol can be estimated in serum / plasma using special polymer detergent method.


  • LDL Cholesterol Specific Detergents Employed
  • Liquid Stable Reagents With Long Shelf Life
  • Suitable For Fully Automated Chemistry Analyzer
  • Fast Result
  • High Linearity


MethodologySpecial Polymer Detergent (CHOD-POD)
Reaction TypeEnd Point
Sample TypeHuman Serum or Plasma
Number Of ReagentsTwo
R1:R2 Mixing Ratio3:1
Primary Wavelength546 nm
Secondary Wavelength630 nm
Flow Cell Temperature37 0C
Blank SettingsDistilled Water
Blank Absorbance Limit<0.300
Reagent Volume Required Per Test800 µl (600 µl R1 + 200 µl R2)
Sample Volume Required Per Test5 µL
Incubation Time10 Minutes
Incubation Temperature37 0C
Standard Available in the KitYes
Standard ConcentrationOn calibrator vial
Linearity400 mg/dL
Pack Sizes1×15 ml + 1×5 ml
2×30 ml + 2×10 ml
Kit componentsReagent bottles.
Calibrator vial.
Instructions for Use.
Storage Temperature2-8 0C
Shelf life18 months
Kit dimensions1×15 ml + 1×5 ml – 85X105X45
2×30 ml + 2×10 ml – 85X105X45
Approx. weight of kit1×15 ml + 1×5 ml – 50 gms
2×30 ml + 2×10 ml -92 gms
Supply Capacity600 mn ml per annum