Hormones are your body’s chemical messengers. Produced in the endocrine glands, these powerful chemicals travel around your bloodstream telling tissues and organs what to do. They help control many of your body’s major processes, including metabolism and reproduction.

When you have a hormonal imbalance, you have too much or too little of a certain hormone. Even tiny changes can have serious effects throughout your whole body.

ASO Latex

Intended use:
Test for determination of antibodies against Streptolysin “O” by Immuno Agglutination method.

Streptolysin “O” is a toxic immunogenic exoenzyme produced by haemolytic Streptococci of groups A, C and G. Measuring the ASO antibodies are useful for the diagnostic of rheumatoid fever, acute glomerulonephritis and streptococcal infection. Rheumatic fever is an inflammatory disease affecting connective tissue from several parts of human body as skin, heart, joints etc. and acute glomerulonephritis is a renal infection that affects mainly to renal glomerulus.

The ASO-Latex is a slide agglutination test for the qualitative and semi-quantitative detection of anti-steptolysin “O” (ASO) antibodies. Latex particles coated with steptolysin “O” are agglutinated when mixed with samples containing ASO.

Pack Size:
25 Test.
50 Test.
100 Test.

Kit components:
Latex Reagent – 1 Bottle.
Positive Control – 1 Bottle.
Negative Control – 1 Bottle.
Mixing Sticks.
Sample Droppers.
Glass Slide.
Instructions for Use.

Storage Temperature:
2- 8 0C.

Shelf life:
18 months

Sample Type:
Fresh Serum.

Qualitative only (Slide Test) and Semi-quatitative method (Slide Test).

Procedure Time:
2 minutes for Qualitative as well as Semi-Quantitative Method.

200 x ASO Titre = IU/mL.

Normal Values:
Adults – Upto 200 IU/mL.
Children (<5 Yrs Old) – 100 IU/mL.

Analytical Sensitivity:
200 IU/mL.

Diagnostic Sensitivity:

Diagnostic Specificity:

Prozone Effect:
Not detected upto 1500 IU/mL.

Calibration Against:
ASO international calibrator by WHO.

No interference observed for –
Hemoglobin – 10 g/L.
Bilirubin – 20 mg/dL.
Lipemia – 10 g/L.
Rheumatoid Factors – 300 IU/mL.

In Stock.

Dispatch time in weeks:
2 to 4 weeks.

Kit dimensions:
25 test – 85x105x145 mm.
50 test – 85x105x145 mm.
100 test – 85x105x145 mm.

Approximate weight of kit:
25 test – 64 gms.
50 test – 86 gms.
100 test – 96 gms.

No of kits in shipper:
25, 50, 100 test – 92 kits.

Dimension of shipper:
410x550x378 mm.

Approximate weight of shipper:
25 test – 9 kgs.
50 test – 11 kgs.
100 test – 12 kgs.

Samples availability:

The RF Direct Slide Test is a slide agglutination assay for the qualitative and semi-quantitative determination of rheumatoid factor (RF) in human serum. It has been determined that sera from a high percentage of patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis contain RF. RF is a high molecular weight protein that reacts like an IgM antibody directed against antigenic determinants of IgM immunoglobulins. The RF slide test serves as a primary diagnosis for the detection of rheumatoid arthritis.


RF Latex

CRP Latex

The CRP Slide Test is a slide agglutination assay for the qualitative and semi- quantitative detection of C-reactive protein (CRP) in human serum. Elevated levels of CRP are known to be sensitive indicators of inflammation associated with the acute phases of disease such as rheumatic fever, rheumatoid arthritis and most bacterial and some viral infections. Monitoring the CRP level may provide valuable information on the progress of a disorder and its treatment.