General Lab Products

Labspec has always concentrated its efforts in the supply of disposable products for the MEDICAL Fields, specifically: clinical chemistry, haematology, serology, microbiology and bacteriology aiming to the full satisfaction of its customers. Our product mainly include: syringes,sature,vaccum blood,blood collection tubes,all kinds of blood lancet,masks,glassware products which are widely used in hospitals and daily life. Level of Quality Acceptance (LQA) are in accordance with International standard UNI ISO 2859.

Labpec Partners with the best providers for chemicals and reagents in the market. We have made the choice with this new website format to highlight our products,their traceability and links to respective partner websites so that you can be able to get much more information.

We have also provided a brief introduction of the companies that we represent so that you can see who we partner with and have a brief description of them.

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