Gene & Gene Fragments

Single- and double-stranded DNA fragments and cloned genes for synthetic biology and other molecular biology applications

Our high-fidelity synthetic genes and gene fragments are the result of a long-standing commitment to innovative chemistry, optimized methods, and a robust manufacturing infrastructure of our partners. These products are built using their Ultramer DNA Oligos, which set the standard for quality within the industry, and every gene or gene fragment you receive shares or exceeds that consistently high quality.

Double-stranded DNA Fragments

Design, build, explore. Go.

Buying synthetic, double-stranded DNA fragments will save you time and money vs traditional cloning methods. The industry standard gene blocks are now available in two flavors.

eBlocks Gene Fragments

Made for speed

eBlocks Gene Fragments are double-stranded DNA fragments of 300–900 bp in length. They are uniquely suited for high-throughput screening of multiple constructs, especially for antibody discovery scientists who want to obtain DNA constructs quickly and reliably for most cloning applications.

  • FAST time to ship (1–3 business days from order confirmation)
  • Budget friendly
  • Low screening effort to find your clone


gBlocks Gene Fragments

Double-stranded, linear, nucleic acids with the perfect combination of excellent sequence fidelity, affordability, and application flexibility

gBlocks Gene Fragments are sequence-verified, double-stranded DNA fragments that ship in only a few working days for affordable and easy gene construction or modification, applications such as antibody research and CRISPR-mediated genome editing, use as qPCR standards, and more. gBlocks Gene Fragments are available in tubes or plates.

  • Start your projects quickly with shipping in as few as 2 business days
  • Secure discounts for large-volume orders.

Custom Gene Synthesis

Complete synthetic genes with 100% sequence verification are provided in a plasmid cloning vector and ready to use in a variety of applications.

  • Avoid spending valuable time and resources on gene construction
  • Use constructs that are manufactured from the highest quality oligos
  • Secure discounts for high volume orders.

Megamer® Single-Stranded DNA Fragments

High-fidelity, single-stranded DNA fragments

Megamer Single-Stranded DNA Fragments are sequence-verified, single-stranded DNA strands of length 201–2000 bases. They can be used in applications such as homology-directed repair of CRISPR-mediated genome editing, in vitro transcription, and more.

  • Generated from clonally purified DNA, which offers the greatest purity available
  • Sequence-verified via next generation sequencing
  • Typically shipped within 20 business days