Knowledge Base/FAQs

Some of the questions that our clients ask include:

  • Do you have a service and maintenance section?    ANS- Yes we have a team of qualified engineering personnel and technicians.
  • How do you do your deliveries? ANS- We have a number of vehicles and motor bikes which deliver products to our clients premises.
  • What range of products do you supply? ANS- Labspec Exclusively supplies all the Biotechnology and Medical Products.
  • Do you Install and offer training of equipment? ANS- Yes we do. We have team of experts who do installation and training.
  • How many regions do you have in Kenya? ANS- We have offices in Kakamega Western, Mombasa Coast,Nakuru,Kisumu and Kitale.
  • Do you sell your products beyond Kenya? ANS- Yes we supply to other African countries .