Labspec is the supplier of “KINGS” branded Medical Consumables & Devices and other companies.

With our experience in the medical supplies industry, we have developed a dynamic internal structure allowing us to adapt to prevailing business & economic conditions. By first ascertaining and then understanding the specific needs of our clients, we offer bespoke Medical Products, Solutions and services that provide business-centric results to Hospitals, Clinics & Institutions.

The Medical Services Sector in Kenya is currently undergoing interesting changes with Medical Facilities, aiming to provide world-class healthcare services at affordable rates. We work with our clients to achieve this goal. The provision of quality health care depends on the availability of excellent quality instruments, diagnostic and curative tools & equipment, as well as technically appropriate furnishings and consumables that are priced within the financial means of the health care facility.

Below are only some examples of equipment that we are able to supply & service.

  • Isolated / Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems
  • Major & Minor Surgical / Operating theatre lighting
  • ICU / NICU Medical Pendant Systems,
  • NICU / ICU & General Beds
  • Blood, Plasma & Pharmaceutical Medical refrigeration & Cold room.
  • Single Use disposables devices
  • Patient Monitors, Defibrillators, Cardiac Monitors
  • Baby Incubators, Infant warmers with Resuscitators / Respiratory care

Labspec has the flexibility and experience to cater for healthcare needs at all levels, from the smallest local facility to projects on a national scale. With our own in-house team of Bio-Medical Technicians & Engineers available per clients needs, we are able to ensure that Equipment is Installed and Commissioned, Users are trained, Spare-parts are availed and Equipment is serviced on schedule.

Our Product Categories

Medical & Hospital Equipment

Scientific Equipment

General Lab Equipment