Custom DNA Oligos

Labspec’s long-standing reputation as a pioneer and leader in custom oligo distributor is primarily due to our partners proprietary synthesis platforms. Most components in their manufacturing process are designed and developed in-house, including specialized synthesizers that accommodate the most demanding oligo requests and high-throughput automation systems that ensure fast turnaround times. They do not rely on third-party manufacturers for the machines and chemical reagents used for synthesis, allowing us to easily refine equipment and reagents as necessary. Their ability to control these variables allows us to supply oligos that are unmatched in quality and consistency for use in routine and specialized applications

DNA Oligos

Generate consistently reliable data from the highest fidelity oligos available

All single-stranded and duplexed DNA sequences are produced with industry-leading coupling efficiencies, resulting in higher quality DNA products. Our specialized platforms allow us to deliver the purest primers for PCR, dual-labelled probes for qPCR, indexed adapters and fusion primers for sequencing, and a variety of advanced and custom products.

  • Complete confidence in oligos that are verified by ESI-mass spectrometry*
  • Begin your project sooner with >90% of orders shipped within 24 hours
  • Unrivaled control of oligo specifications with custom formulation and mixing option

Ultramer® DNA Oligonucleotides

Long, high-quality oligos for demanding applications such as cloning, ddRNAi, homology-directed repair, and gene construction

Ultramer DNA Oligonucleotides are generated by proprietary synthesis methods that deliver high quality oligos up to 200 bases. They are available single- or double-stranded and can be delivered in tubes or plates.

  • Complete confidence in oligos that are verified by electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry*
  • Unrivalled control of oligo specifications with custom formulation and mixing options

RNA Oligos

Specificity you need for your functional genomics research

All single-stranded and duplexed RNA sequences are produced using proprietary technology that delivers industry-leading RNA quality. Our specialized synthesis platforms allow us to produce the highest fidelity guides for CRISPR, duplexes for RNAi, template switching oligos for NGS, microRNAs, aptamers, and custom RNA oligos for other applications.

  • Tailor RNA oligos to your application by selecting from chimeric DNA bases, modified RNA bases, and a wide variety of modifications
  • Conduct your experiment sooner with fast turnaround times for desalted and HPLC-purified RNA oligos
  • Have complete confidence in oligos that are quality controlled by ESI-mass spectrometry*
  • For your convenience every RNA oligo is deprotected and shipped ready to use

Ultramer® RNA Oligonucleotides

Single-stranded RNA oligos up to 120 bases, desalted and delivered dry in tubes.

Ultramer RNA Oligonucleotides are manufactured using proprietary synthesis methods that deliver high quality, long RNA oligos. Each oligo is quality controlled by ESI mass spectrometry*. Turnaround time is 6–8 business days.

  • Increase specificity in your experiments using longer RNA oligos (60–120 bases)
  • Experience greater flexibility for RNA-related applications, including CRISPR, RNA therapeutics development, and RNA controls and templates
  • Receive guaranteed quantities of 4 nmol, 20 nmol, or 80 nmol
  • Verify the high quality of your oligos with free quality control documentation