Dehydrated Culture Media

One of the major developments in microbiology was Robert Koch’s use of a solid culture medium on which bacteria would grow. Bacteria must meet certain nutritional requirements in order to grow. A nutritional material prepared for the growth of microorganisms in a laboratory is called a Culture Media, and the microbes that grow and multiply in or on a culture medium are referred to as a Culture. Over the years many types of nutrient media were developed for the cultivation of bacteria. These can be broadly classified as Broth Media, Agar Media & Semisolid Media. HiMedia is one of the branded manufacturers for the Nutrient Medias in the world and offers a very broad range of media formulations, standard media & customer specified media in dehydrated form for use in different fields. This also includes specified media by various pharmacopoeias recommended for different applications such as sterility testing, microbial limit tests etc.

Biochemical Identification Media

  • Animal Based Media
  • Chemically Defined Media
  • Vegetable based media


  • Bacterial
  • Fingi

Media Supplements

Antimicrobial or chemicals are added to culture media to make them selective for the isolation of desired or important microorganisms. The percentage or concentration of these antimicrobial supplements (generally antibiotic mixtures) is based on the published papers of the scientists who have tested many strains of the selected organisms regarding the MIC values of those strains. There is every possibility that strains across the world may have different MIC values. HiMedia supplies a wide range of media supplements which are presented in packs of vials and contents of each vial are specified under respective supplement. List Includes:

Egg Yolk Supplements

Haemoglobin Powder

Mycobacteria Selective Growth

Coagulase Plasma

Enrichment Supplements

Horse Serum
Rabbit serum

Sputum Sample Processing

Antibiotics Mixtures

Diagnostic Purpose

Enzymatic Activity Detection

Identification and Growth

Chromogenic Supplements

Selective Inhibitory

Supplements with tellurite

Antimicrobial Susceptibility

Antimicrobial Susceptibility testing of bacterial and fungal isolates is a common and important technique in most clinical laboratories. The results of these tests are used for selection of the most appropriate antimicrobial agent(s) for treatment against the infectious organisms. For convenience and economy of conducting antimicrobial susceptibility tests HiMedia provides Hexa, Dodeca and Icosa Discs. These are enhanced extensions of already existing Octo Discs. These series of discs gives the privilege to study large number of antibiotics at one time. These discs along with OctoDiscs are made of unique inert material which enhances their absorption hence allowing faster adheration of discs to the media. Moreover the discs are designed in such a way that each antibiotic on a single ring is atleast 24mm apart from the others, thus reducing the merging of zones. HiMedia also undertakes manufacture of various customer-specific combinations of discs for a bulk quantity on request.

List includes: General Purpose,  Gram positive and negative organisms, UTI Organisms etc..

Culture Media Bases

Culture Media Bases or raw materials are the basic ingredients of any culture media manufactured and supplied by HiMedia. These raw materials are manufactured captively to specified quality performance standards, or by vendors to the same high standards. These culture media bases include a variety of raw materials like agars, beef extract, bile salts, gelatin, casein hydrolysates, liver extracts, malt extract, meat extract, meat infusion, peptones, special peptones, tryptones, tryptose and yeast extract etc. Apart from the various protein, peptides, or amino acid sources as mentioned above, HiMedia also provides a variety of other raw materials required as constituents of media for the growth of bacteria. Gelatin peptone is manufactured and supplied by HiMedia specifically for use in culture media. It is soluble in water, which upon dissolution forms a clear solution. They can be of either animal or plant origin.

Ready prepared Media

Ready to use, prepared, cultured media available in choice of plates, tubes, bottles etc for the identification of microorganisms are referred as Ready Prepared Media products. These products have brought to the microbiological laboratory the highest levels of quality and performance. They are time and cost saving, easy and convenient to use and provides constant high quality. HiMedia is one of the trusted brands and leading manufacturer and supplier of Ready Prepared Media products in world. HiMedia offers a broad range of ready prepared transport swabs, Tuberculosis Identification Slants, Rapid UTI Diagnostic Tests, Biochemical Identification test kits, HiBio-ID test kits, HiDip Slides, multifunctional HiTouch Flexi plates, HiSafe Blood Culturing system etc.

Differentiation Aids

Bacteriological Identification is of utmost importance when one is dealing with bacteria associated with infections. The identification cannot be done solely on the basis of morphological colony characteristic. It also requires rapid screening of bacterial based on staining properties and biochemical characteristics. Also Stains plays an important role in morphological evaluation of microorganisms which is an important tool used by pathologists to guide patient’s treatment. HiMedia offers a wide range of ready to use biochemical differentiation disc, stains, indicators and reagents for rapid identification and differentiation of microorganisms.