Connect with our Ultra-Modern Laboratory

We have our own Ultra-Modern Laboratory at Westlands Plaza room number five, fourth floor where we perform the following tests:

Identity & Forensic Testing- We offers complete, integrated, optimized work-flows for every type of human identity and forensic testing. Our high-quality instruments and chemistry provide the required speed, precision, and reliability. Get more from samples with our PCR-based human DNA quantification and identification assays.

Molecular Biology Training – We offer molecular biology training in collaboration with Qiagen and the Kavi Institute of Clinical Research (University of Nairobi). The trainings cover primer design, custom DNA sequencing, genotyping, gene expression analysis, HLA typing, paternity testing and human identification.

Our other Range of Services include:

Our test menu extends beyond 100 routine to specialised tests.
Some of the areas where Labspec has distinguished itself
nationally include:

  • Molecular Biology/PCR:- We have one the largest molecular testing laboratory network in Kenya.
  • Histology and Cytology:- We are able to offer quality, fast & accurate microscopic studies of cells using advanced technology.
  • Flow cytometry:- We have automated methodology for typing of leukaemia and lymphoma.
  • Haematology:- We offer consistent quality results in haematology and advanced coagulation tests as well as bone marrow studies.
  • Microbiology:- Our Microbiology Laboratory is able to offer consistent quality results in bacteriology, mycology and virology.
  • Chemical Pathology:- The department is highly automated and provides interpretative reports for all relevant tests to aide the doctors and their patients.
  • Toxicology:- Detection and quantification of drugs or recreation, medicinal drug levels, and poisons (toxins).
  • Wellness Check: We offer tests for Wellness Programmes for preventive and promotive health.
  • Specimen collection and Result Delivery: Specimen collection and result delivery is done through an excellent transport courier and IT system.

Dr Otieno Performing experiment in our Molecular Biology Lab.

Dr Mwangi with students on Industrial Attachment

Mr Nelson with Mr Moses in our Quality control Lab

Mr Nelson in our Microbiology Lab

Our undergraduate Students/Interns during their Training in our lab

Dr Koech together with other staff members in the lab.