Coagulation Equipment

We supply high quality coagulation equipment to our clients across the East Africa Region.


HumaClot Pro


REF 15800

Fully automated compact coagulation analyzer

For low to medium volume laboratories

  • Up to 100 PT/h
  • TIC2+Technology for clotting, chromogenic, immunologic and turbidimetric measurement
  • Environmentally friendly: low consumption of liquid and cuvette consumables
  • According to HUMAN’s plug & run philosophy validated applications for HUMAN reagents preprogrammed, including D-dimer
  • Integrated PC and touchscreen
  • Internal sample barcode reader
  • 3 STAT positions

HumaClot Duo Plus


REF 15650

Manual 2-channel coagulation instrument with TIC2+ technology

  • Latest LED technology with reference channel 
  • Validated applications for HUMAN reagents preprogrammed
  • Guided workflow
  • Light protection cover with pipetting support
  • Durable and maintenance free
  • Closed Consumable system
  • Built-in printer
  • Optional autopipette with electronic triggered start
  • Optional external sample barcode reader



Features & Specifications
  • State-of-the-art LED optic.
  • TIC2 Technology for clotting, chromogenic, immunologic and turbidimetric measurement.
  • Highly reliable, long-living and service free system.
  • Automatic start function.
  • Low sample and reagent volume.