Cholesterol Oxidase

Cholesterol oxidase (CHOx), a FAD-dependent enzyme of the oxido-reductase family catalyzes the oxidation of cholesterol to cholestenone. CHOx is produced by a large number of bacterial species, and the actinomycetes being most prolific group. Being an enzyme of great commercial value, CHOx has drawn significant attention due to its use in determination of cholesterol level in various clinical and food samples and because of its novel applications in biosensors. In addition, the enzyme also finds application as an insecticide and in bio-catalysis for the synthesis of a number of steroids. Moreover, CHOx is also implicated in the bacterial pathogenesis and in the cardiovascular disease such as atherosclerosis and other heart diseases. These applications and pathological processes stress the need for screening and isolation of novel CHOx and enhancing knowledge about its structural and functional aspects. In present review we discuss the microbial sources, production including use of recombinant microbes, characterization, immobilization and major applications of CHOx.


Kit components:
Reagent bottles
Standard vial.
Kit insert.

Storage Temperature: 2-8 0C.

Shelf life: 18 months

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2X25 ML – 85x105x45 mm
4X50 ML – 105x170x 45 mm

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2X25 ML – 92 gms
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INTENDED USE: Test for estimation of Cholesterol in serum / plasma using CHOD-POD method.

Cholesterol levels are important in the diagnosis and classification of hyprlipoproteinaemias. Measurement of serum cholesterol levels can serve as indicator of liver function, biliary function, intestinal absorption, tendency towards coronary artery diseases, thyroid function and adrenaline diseases. Cholesterol can be estimated from serum / plasma using Cholesterol Esterase, Cholesterol Oxidase and Peroxidase method.

• Enzymatic Method Specific To Cholesterol (Free & Esterified)
• Liquid Stable Reagent With Long Shelf Life
• Fast Result
• High Linearity
• LCF (Lipid Clearing Factor) Incorporated For Lipamic Sample
• Suitable For Fully Automated Chemistry Analyzer

• Methodology – CEH-CHOD-POD
• No. Of Reagents – Single Liquid Ready-To-Use
• Shelf Life – 18 Months
• Sample Volume Required – 10 µL
• Test Time Required – 5 Minute
• Linearity – 800 mg/dL
• Automation – Enabled

Pack Size:
2X25 ML
4X50 ML