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We are your trusted premier Importer & Distributor of: Medical & Scientific Equipment| Hospital Consumables & Surgicals| Molecular Biology| Microbiology and Laboratory Diagnostic Products across  Africa. Our B2B and B2C support team is ready to help scientists to overcome any technical challenge. We are run by scientists dedicated to helping other scientits answer research & medical questions through collaborative interaction. We serve more than 120,000 life sciences researchers & medics across the African countries.

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Every product we import is procured from a reliable and reputable manufacturers situated all over the world. Once the product arrives in our warehouse, they are tested on various parameters by our independent laboratories. We leave no stone unturned as far as quality maintenance is concerned. We also pay keen attention to every product handling stage and strive to serve our clients in the best possible manner. Our sourcing strategy and import mechanism are designed to satisfactorily meet the convenience of our customers. Global Quality is our philosophy.


Purify viral RNA/DNA from fresh or frozen cell-free biological fluids (plasma, serum, cerebrospinal fluid) and cell culture supernatants. The PureLink® Viral Mini Kit is specifically designed to isolate high-quality viral nucleic acids from a variety of RNA and DNA viruses within 45 minutes using low elution volumes that allow sensitive downstream analysis.

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Labspec  seeks to offer comprehensive solutions to the specific needs of our customers in terms of problem recognition to solution implementation indeed at Labspec our product portfolio is never static but dynamic always growing to meet customer needs.

We are interested in supplying not just for the existing production but also partnering with our customers and manufacturers towards product development and expansion into new markets. But for us, it is very important that besides our strong financial performance and innovative much-loved products we remain a good company. At the heart of all this, is our talented team. We take much pride in fostering an inspiring workplace, with an agile and high-performance culture. We are deeply committed to recognising and valuing diversity across our teams.


Labspec Imports from Original Manufacturers

  • Our attitude and willingness is to import the best biochemical formulation, distribution processes and people, which in turn creates world-class products.
  • Most of our products from our partners are Researched and Developed by internal team of subject experts.
  • Our Partners have manufacturing experience of over 45 years and counting.
  • We understand Chemistry and Biochemistry subjects very well.
  • Our knowledge and our attitude is what makes us special.

Experience of our Team,Founders & Managing Director

Our team consists of many professionals to ensure we deliver high quality products to our customers.


Five Water molecules Represents our five main core values

Knowledge Management:

We have quest to acquire, implement and share knowledge pool with all our stakeholders.

Customer Commitment:

We are concerned to meet our customer’s changing needs and expectations from time to time and to design innovative and user-friendly solutions having high value propositions to address the same.

        Win-Win Relationship:

We strive to build a long-lasting and mutually beneficial collaboration with all our stakeholders.


We remain accountable for quality of our people & products and to work towards their betterment everyday.


Being Ethical, Honest and Transparent in our conduct is at the very root of our business.



Speed & Reliability

Prompt and accurate delivery of products and services remain a core focus of our business. 

Price Guarantee

Competitive and constant in our pricing without compromising on offering of market leading brands.

We offer our customers amazing quality products at great value.


The management and staff of Labspec are fully committed to ensuring we are compliant with all aspects of legislation relevant to our business. We strive to continuously to meet the requirement of Employment,Health & Safety and Environmental legislation.